I am sure you have all come across the cheap shoulder straps that are available to purchase from a whole host of retailers, namely Amazon.  Here’s why these don’t work….

Great whilst you have them on.  They pin your shoulders back, you can make them as tight as you want and you can force your shoulders and posture into the right position.

However, take them off and you go back to square one.  And in fact, you could be in a worse position.  These straps, by doing all the hard work for you, actually weaken the muscles you should be using to maintain posture.  So instead of building strength in the right muscles, the soft tissues and joints, you are in fact weakening them.

Move aside shoulder straps and enter the Lyne Up from Percko – a French company, who now has a base in London. 

Percko has come up with, what I believe is a game changer, to help ease pain in the back, improve posture and build strength in the right areas by stimulation of the right structures, through the power of the Lyne Up technology.

Their patented solutions, developed by a team of experts in biomechanics, have been tested and proven in a series of scientific studies and already trusted by more than 70,000 users.

Their products are recommended by more than 1,000 medical professionals around the world.


What are the effects of Lyne Up?

My posture isn’t too bad, so when I decided to give it a go I didn’t think I would feel too much change.  Boy I was wrong.

When I have the top on I am very aware of my posture.  And as the day goes on, and my posture begins to decline because of tiredness etc, this is when I felt the stimulation of the muscles kick in!

I was a little bit achey at the 2 week mark but took this as a positive thing – change is what I’m seeking.  Now I’m in week 4, wearing it every other day and I love it!

So here’s the bad news.  It’s not cheap.  They retail at £109, but I really think this is a solid investment if you suffer with back pain, postural problems, rounded shoulders etc.  And let’s face it, I think most of us do to a degree.

The good news is that because you are one of my subscribers you can get 15% off.  Just enter PERCKOHEALTH15 when you check out.  The link to their product is below:


I am super excited about this company and their products.  They are ethical, backed by science, and have a health team full of experts, who have collectively put their products together to help people who suffer with back pain and/or postural problems.


If you click on some of the links, and you then make a purchase, I (Charlotte Hurst) may receive compensation from the companies. I only promote the products I have invested in myself and recommend based on my own opinion.

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