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Whether you are an athlete or a less active person, we all have a spinal column and our body is controlled by our nervous system.

​Chiropractic is a primary healthcare profession which diagnoses and helps identify restricted joints that become fixated or stuck within their range of motions. This can lead to interference of the neural impulses being received and sent by the brain, our control centre. By identifying these restrictions, chiropractors encourage joints back to their full range of movement and with careful advice can help restore function, alleviate pain, prevent future problems and optimise performance. Each treatment is tailor made to suit the individual and the issues that they are experiencing. We are all different and CH CHIROPRACTIC works wholly on an individual basis.

CH Chiropractic Clinic is based at Orchids Spa, Lincomb Farm, Lincomb, Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire. DY13 9RB. This is a multi discipline spa that is set on a farm, with easy access, in a quiet location and with lots of parking.

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New Patient Consultations & Treatments (where safe to do so) £60 (first appointment only)

Existing Patient Treatments £50.

Cash and card payments accepted

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