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Sponsored Patient - Nicole Bevan - Middle Distance Runner
Sponsored Patient - Nicole Bevan - Middle Distance Runner

Middle Distance Runner

Nicole is nothing short of inspirational and she is a very unique young lady. I train with Nicole on the track every Tuesday, where her Father coaches a group of us, and I am so proud to be supporting and helping her as she embarks on a very exciting future.

But don’t take it from me… let’s hear from Nicole.

First up Nicole, let’s hear a little bit about you…

I am 12 years old and currently attending Stourport High School.

I have a little brother called Joshua who is 7 years old. My Dad coaches me, as well as other runners, at Kidderminster and Stourport Athletics Club.

What’s your favourite running distance?

I love the 1500m, 1 mile, 2km and 5km distances.

Sponsored Patient - Nicole Bevan - Middle Distance Runner

What’s your favourite and least favourite things about running?

I love the freedom, being able to run and clear my head. My least favourite thing about running is when people assume I have another lap to go or that I have cheated and missed some of the course. Also, trying to run when it’s really windy!

What’s your biggest/best accomplishment to date when it comes to running?

My best accomplishment to date is winning the Worcester County Championships 1500m in May 2023; 3rd in the Midlands cross-country league 2021/22; first female in the Dudley & Stourbridge Middle Distance Fest 1 mile track race; the fastest woman in the postcode and I hold the under 11 Wyre Forest parkrun record.

What do you like doing in your free time when you’re not running?

I love to body board and baking in my free time. I am also a swimmer and will be joining swim squad soon.

What’s your favourite food?

My favourite food is definitely sushi and my favourite treat is waffles with cream, strawberries and melted chocolate!

Who is your hero/heroine/role model?

My heroine is Zola Budd, who held the mile world record for 38 years in a time of 4.17mins, and my hero is my Dad!

What’s your ultimate running dream/aspiration?

My dream is to obtain a scholarship to a University like Loughborough and I hope to become a physiotherapist and help young people in a hospital setting.

Sponsored Patient - Nicole Bevan - Middle Distance Runner

What are your favourite and least favourite school subjects?

I love Drama, PE and Food & Nutrition. My least favourite is French – I just don’t get why a table is feminine!

Last, but not least, why/how does chiropractic help you?

Chiropractic has released the tension in my neck. I feel more balanced and realigned and I feel it is great to make sure my joints are moving as best they can be to help with my running and future growth. I always feel taller after my treatment and more relaxed and free.

Charlotte is also happy to answer all my questions as I am really keen to learn more about anatomy and physiology and how the body works.

LIke I said, Nicole is an inspirational young lady. We look forward to supporting and following your progress Nicole. She definitely has a very bright future ahead!