Compression Boots

These boots are incredibly therapeutic and have a number of different applications.  Think of it like a leg massage.  A very relaxing treatment that will leave your legs feeling like they’ve had some serious TLC.

Here are some of the proven benefits from using compression boots.

Increased blood flow helps eliminate fatigue and reduce inflammation and provides a faster recovery from training, injury, muscle soreness, overtraining and rehabilitation.

Increased blood flow helps remove waste materials and can help you prevent damage, recover from injuries faster and reduce swelling and oedema.

Faster and more efficient recovery can give you better training quality and thus better results.

Optima Sport Recovery Compression Boots
Optima Sport Recovery Boots

The vast majority of top athletes have regular recovery periods in their training plans. But you don’t need to be an athlete to gain the huge benefits from compression therapy. If you include at least a 30-minute compression session in recovery boots, you will experience additional recovery benefits.

The compression in a set of recovery boots will increase blood flow and speed up your body’s natural recovery process, by eliminating the accumulation of metabolic waste and lactate after exercise. Users of OptimaSport recovery boots often find that their muscles are:

  • Less sore
  • More fresh
  • More loose
  • Less tired


Our Recovery Boots uses compressed air to massage your legs, remove fluid and thus provide faster recovery. Using our recovery boots, you achieve comparable kneading and stretching of your muscles, which takes place during massage.


Recommended Use

  • Before Training
  • After Training
  • Rehabilitation
  • Swelling
  • Post-injury
  • Wellness
  • Performance
  • Warm-up

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Compression Boots Battery
Optima Sports Compression Recovery Boots

Price List:

Recovery Boots

  • Single session £20
  • 3 sessions £55
  • 5 sessions £85
  • 10 sessions £160
  • £15 a session with any chiropractic treatment
Cryoair and Recovery Boots Combo
  • Single session £35
  • 3 sessions £95
  • 5 sessions £150
  • 10 sessions £275