About Charlotte Hurst

I’m so happy you’ve found my website.  Welcome to everything Hurst Health and CH Chiropractic. You could be here for one of 4 main reasons…

  1. You need help with pain relief
  2. You need help with healing
  3. You are looking for that extra edge in regards to performance goals
  4. Or you just want to feel great!

…or your horse or dog does!

Chiropractic is a wonderful technique (of course I’m going to say that) and I am biased, but that’s because I have seen the multitude of effects this fabulous treatment can offer.

And if you are here because you fall into one of the above categories, or perhaps your horse or dog does, then you are absolutely in the right place!

Let me introduce myself to you properly.  As you may know, my name is Charlotte, I hit the 40 mark last year and I have an amazing life surrounded by family and friends and live on my own with my two four legged best friends, Elmo and Dottie.

I was very lucky to experience an idyllic childhood, surrounded by ponies, horses, dogs, a few sheep, turkeys and the odd cow.  In my younger years it was all about showing our ponies and this is where my love of horses stemmed from.

I could always be found on a hockey pitch, netball court, tennis court, in a swimming pool or athletics field. I played on most teams for the schools I attended.  This is certainly where my love of sports started and this is something that I still hold dear to my heart.  Both in partaking in sports, and also watching and following most, if not all, sporting events.

I knew I always wanted to work with people and animals but didn’t really discover what I could do until I stumbled on a chiropractic course after a friend’s mother mentioned it in passing to me.  As soon as I started to read about it I got excited! It was meant to be.  I found a course, successfully applied, and only a month later found myself on Year 1 of a Chiropractic Honours Degree.

Charlotte Hurst of Hurst Health
Charlotte riding Salarno

Five years later, I moved straight on from my graduation to a post-graduate diploma in Veterinary Chiropractic.  And I haven’t looked back! I love what I do; I love the mix of horses, dogs and people – no day is the same.

I continued to compete professionally in the horse world covering most aspects of equestrianism – showing, eventing, side saddle, racing, polo and professionally producing youngsters. I am now on the judging panels for all the major show associations in the UK and have been lucky enough to judge at some wonderful shows both here in the UK and in Ireland.

In the mix of all of this I have lived in France, spent a few months in the Middle East, was lucky enough to be employed by the London Organising Committee for the 2012 Olympics for 6 months, and I also spent 6 years in Southern Ireland.


Now back in Worcestershire, my Chiropractic business has been going from strength to strength.  I love helping people get the best out of their bodies – this can be in relation to performance goals, as well as day to day activities.

I have a programme set up for athletes, both professionals and amateurs, that aims to encompass all the professionals that an athlete has in their team. For example, strength and conditioning coaches, health specialists, GPs, physios, dieticians, trainers etc.  I am a big believer of integrated care and if I can be a cog in the wheel of the competitive sports industry for an individual then I’m a very happy person.

I also hate seeing people and animals in pain and I love that I have the skillset to potentially help with their discomfort and work out what is causing pain.  With lots of different tools in my ‘kit bag’ so to speak, it means I can address most issues, and if I can’t, then I can provide the pathway forwards for many people who just don’t know where to turn to for help.

I am currently working with an athlete aiming for the 100m sprint event at the Commonwealth Games in 2022 and I have youth footballers, MMA fighters, tennis players, golf players, equestrians and triathletes on my books. These patients are looking for the added performance edge, and by addressing restrictions in joints, chiropractic can absolutely provide this.

I am an athlete, in the best shape of my life; I manage Type 1 Diabetes as well as Rheumatoid Arthritis. I look after myself and am always on top of all the latest research on nutrition, wellbeing, health, fitness and strength – both for myself and for what I can offer each visiting patient.

It has not always been easy, as it never is for all of us.  A brief marriage, divorce and then 10 years later coping with the suicide of my ex-husband was a very challenging point in my life.  My diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis have both stopped me from doing things previously, and as a vow to myself, getting it under control, paying attention to correct nutrition and being as physically fit as possible, has really helped me get it all to a place where it won’t stop me again!

My big aim for this year is the London Marathon in October 2021, which was postponed from the April 2020 date.

What do I love? Helping people, my family who all live close by, generally being active and outdoors – a long dog walk, horses, skiing, water sports, netball, hockey, tennis; a cheeky gin and tonic, a bowl of olives and some live sport. My life in a nutshell!

What do I hate? Mushrooms! Animal cruelty and people in pain

Favourite shop? Any sports shop!

Charlotte parapenting
Charlotte Hurst - Success in the show ring