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Horses have a spine and nervous system in the same way as us. The only difference is that they are a quadruped and their biomechanics are quite different to ours. But in the same way as people, for optimal performance, whether they are race horses, sport horses at the highest level, or our leisure horses, we want them to be able to perform at their best and be comfortable in what they are doing.

Charlotte has not only over 30 years of experience competing, point to pointing, eventing, showing and more lately judging horses in nearly all disciplines but has also worked and treated top level eventers and sport horses as well as race horses running in Group 1 races and Graded races around the world proving that Chiropractic has a huge impact on the performance of a horse. This huge wealth of experience means that each horse is treated individually and rehabilitation and training programmes can be tailor made to build strength, recover from injury and train to their best level.

With regular trips to Ireland and across Europe, as well as travelling around the UK Nationally please get in contact if you think Charlotte could help you and your horse or horses.


Start at £65, plus travel where applicable.

If there is more than one horse at the same venue then please contact for a quote.

Cash or card payment accepted

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