My next challenge, as a follow up to my recent London marathon achievement, is to complete the length of Hadrian’s Wall; yes all 95 miles of it, over three days, moving from West to East in the middle of November.

Perhaps I was a little too hasty in booking this challenge, but the money is paid and there is nothing left but to complete it.  As I get closer to the start day, I am becoming more and more apprehensive.  I am underprepared for this challenge, and I am sure I will only regret making the booking so soon after the marathon.

Add to that work has been crazy – a weekend spent on the Isle of Man treating horses, busy clinic hours, and a couple of days in Iceland exploring!  My prep for this challenge has been far from ideal, something that I am only too aware of.

Charlotte Hurst runs London Marathon in Oct 2021

But!   ….Never one to back out on a challenge and ready to embrace what these three days throw at me, I love learning about what my body is capable of and how far I can push things. This will be my ultimate test up to now.

If you are interested you can follow me here.  Beginning on Thursday 18th November, Day 1 follows a route of 30 miles.  Point of departure being in Wallsend/Newcastle and ending up, at the end of the day, in Chollerford.  The terrain will be mostly roads.

Day 2 on Friday 19th November sees us move from Chollerford to Lanercost, a small matter of 26.5 miles.  This will be the most demanding day with rolling hills, mostly off-road running, but fingers crossed for clear weather so that I can take in the amazing scenery.

Day 3, and the final day on Saturday 19th November, is a 27.5 miler, finishing up in Bowness-on-Solway.

Why am I doing this you may ask…. Well, sitting here writing this, I am asking myself that very same question, but here are a few reasons why I thought it might be a good idea….

  • I love a challenge!
  • I want to learn more about myself
  • I want to see this part of the country and thought this would be a fabulous way of doing so
  • I don’t have more time to make the crossing longer.  It was 3 days or nothing!
  • I was ridiculously high on endorphins and adrenaline after smashing the London Marathon and for some reason thought this was a good idea!

So if you are interested, and would like to follow me then you can track my live location here.

I haven’t set this up as a charity fundraiser, and perhaps should have done.  But after all the wonderful support and money raised for the London marathon, I didn’t want to ask again so soon.  Plus with Christmas coming up, I know it can be a tricky time of year financially.

I plan on doing lots more crazy challenges, so there will be room in the future to raise money.

Thus, for the moment, enjoy following me and feel free to send me a text or whatsapp to encourage me to make it to the end!

Catch you on the other side!

Charlotte x